What jobs are least likely to drug test?

Creative, entertainment and freelance jobs are the least likely to be drug-tested, photographer, dog walker, film producer, graphic designer, writer, house cleaner, sports coach, florist. Creative, entertainment, and self-employment jobs are the least likely to be drug-tested. In general, positions that don't require you to handle sensitive information and that don't pose a lot of security risks to you and others won't test for drugs. In the era of legalized cannabis use, it may seem strange that 56% of U.S.

employers continue to require candidates to undergo pre-employment drug testing for THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. From unskilled jobs to highly professional jobs, many private sector companies apply a “don't ask, don't tell” policy that seems to be much more in touch with 21st century life, in contrast to the strict requirements of pre-employment drug testing. When it comes to regular jobs where there's no drug testing, working at a retail store is a solid option. Many large retail stores in the United States do not have strict drug-free workplace policies.

Many good jobs don't require drug testing in real estate. One of the best is to work as an agent. You'll get a reasonable commission for the sale of properties. While it's notoriously difficult to get hired by the tech giant, Google doesn't drug test its employees.

This is partly due to the fact that its headquarters are in California, where cannabis can be consumed, but also because the company prefers to employ the most innovative people rather than the “more heterosexual” people. If your wallet is strong enough to get into Google, you won't have to worry about a positive drug test getting in the way of your dream job. Your work is more important to them than what you choose to do in your spare time. The omnipresent burrito chain employs more than 64,000 people in hundreds of U.S.

locations. UU. and doesn't drug test any of them. While Chipotle may not be the ideal workplace for everyone, the company has been listed on Forbes's list of the best companies to work for several times, offering health, education, and bond programs that are more generous than those of the competition in the industry.

The company also strives to use sustainable ingredients whenever possible, using non-GMO products and pork raised without antibiotics. If you need a position with a flexible schedule and opportunities for promotion, consider withdrawing an application at Chipotle. The employer is a strong competitor in the industry and offers a large number of jobs and jobs that are not drug-tested beforehand. Like its compatriots in the technology industry, Apple has no known drug testing policy for its employees, from retail employees to senior management positions.

Apple wants to hire people who excel at their jobs, and the company recognizes that zero-tolerance policies in drug testing further limit an already small talent pool. As long as your habit doesn't affect your performance (and as long as you're not injured at work, it's unlikely, but not impossible), it's highly unlikely that you'll ever get tested at Apple. The huge coffee retailer doesn't use drug testing for any of its employees, from its thousands of retail employees to store managers and regional directors. The company is also permissive when it comes to “alternative body modifications”, such as visible tattoos, piercings and unconventional hair colors or styles.

In addition to a competitive benefits package, Starbucks also offers significant employee discounts on its products, making them a potentially ideal workplace for coffee and tea enthusiasts with a knack for customer service. In order not to be overtaken by the competition Apple, Microsoft doesn't drug test its employees again, they're looking for innovative thinkers, so as long as you have a strong portfolio or resume, a positive drug test won't stop you from working for the tech titan. Employees tend to rate the company very positively, and while there are a lot of people looking for a position, careers at Microsoft seem to be worth it because of the intense competition it takes to change them. A drug test is not required here, just a love for food and a willingness to inform yourself and others about it.

If you like food and drinks, but don't like a job at a traditional restaurant, a position at the high-end supermarket chain Whole Foods might be perfect for you. Based in the beautiful (and surprisingly progressive, for the state) of Austin, Texas, Whole Foods has a reputation for taking good care of its employees, both with competitive benefits and a supportive company culture that values employee progress and morale. Whether you're a wine enthusiast, an organic food enthusiast, or a cheese expert, Whole Foods can present an ideal work environment for your skills to shine, without the need for a drug test. The kitchen can be a busy work environment, with many functions to fulfill in one piece of equipment.

Even so, whether you're starting out as a chef or have people in your charge, the job is quite similar. As a chef, you'll cook all day long and with little time. Technical writers, copywriters, screenwriters, creative authors are just a few examples of available writing jobs. Most writers are self-employed, so they don't need to be tested for drugs.

Overall, far fewer jobs than I previously thought require pre-employment drug testing. Overall, the percentage of jobs that require pre-employment drug testing is less than 2%. In fact, only one city in the United States has a percentage of jobs greater than 2.4%. In Arlington, Texas, nearly 7% of available jobs require a pre-employment drug test.

New York City had the lowest percentage of jobs in the country that required a pre-employment drug test. There are exceptions to this, so always check the job description to be sure, but these types of jobs are often the best places to start if you're looking for a position that doesn't test you for drugs. While drug testing has a formidable presence in the labor market, it is not omnipresent, attitudes toward drug testing are changing, and there are many companies that have made the decision not to test their employees for illicit substances. In addition, you can research the job you are applying for and see if drug testing is a standard procedure in the hiring process.

This term means that if the worker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this could affect their ability to do their job and, as a result, could jeopardize the safety of the worker and others. The best-known jobs in the field are wedding and business event planners, but there are event planners for any item and occasion. Healthcare and hospitals ranked second, with nearly 1,500 fewer jobs requiring prior drug testing. Waiters fall into the same category as food service employees, since they are rarely tested for drugs.

Whether you want to share your craft knowledge with others or simply enjoy the idea of a quiet and relatively relaxed workplace, Michael's will allow you to put your foot in the door without the need for a drug test. As with other food service jobs, delivery people don't have to worry about taking drug tests. Amazon provides you with all the tools and training needed to get your operation off the ground, along with great deals on vehicle leases, data plans, insurance and vehicle maintenance, and doesn't require drug testing for marijuana use. Across the U.S.

In the US, only 5 administrative jobs require pre-employment drug testing, and only 7 customer service jobs require pre-employment drug testing. They offer different subscription plans and rates for using the platform depending on the requirements of each user and do not require drug testing. That said, there are many people who use cannabis or prescription drugs for a certain medical condition, and many of them view these testing requirements as violations of privacy. When it comes to finding jobs that don't test for drugs, the best thing to do is look for remote jobs or any job where you can work as a freelancer.

The legalization of cannabis has helped to fuel the conversation about the effectiveness and benefits of drug testing, and U.S. companies are starting to realize it. . .

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