Is life coaching a growing field?

As people's lives become increasingly complex, they often need a little help to stay on the right track. A life coach acts as a person that clients can trust for advice and guidance to achieve their goals. This career path, once a little-known position, has experienced significant growth in recent years and is now an established and respected occupation. As with any industry, the right credentials are of the utmost importance when selecting a coaching professional.

Let's start with the most important statistics about the life coaching market, its size and market value, its growth and opportunities in this sector. If you meet with a therapist, you could get their opinion on the next steps or even if you think you would benefit from therapy or life coaching. Parker believes that the openness of life coaching has allowed her to train more than 200 women over the past four years. In addition, other programs facilitate the management of a coaching business, such as online scheduling software and the ability to accept payments online.

While life coaching may claim to help clients set and achieve goals, there's not much evidence that it actually does, according to Michele Nealon, a psychologist and president of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This is an important skill as a coach because when you're working with a client, you're actively trying to see the world through their eyes. I'm at a point in my life where I want the space for exploration that therapy allows, but someone else might need the structure and direction that a coach can provide. For those who don't want to deal with their past, or can't, and “still need help, coaching feels safer.” Let's take a look at some statistics related to the impact of the pandemic on the global life coaching industry.

Tess Brigham, a psychotherapist and life coach based in San Francisco, sometimes works with her therapy clients on specific goals, sometimes she doesn't. Keep in mind that the training camp is only about 30 years old and has exploded in the past 10 years. Another option is to look for people like Brigham, who are licensed therapists and certified life coaches. In fact, some of Brigham's coaching clients contacted her after their time with their therapist had reached a natural end point.

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