Where to start photography career?

You'll find answers to most of your questions about how to become a good photographer through research, both online and offline. Attend photography talks, exhibitions and seminars. You'll meet a lot of photographers at these events and you'll be able to get a lot of answers directly from them. There are several online photography communities you can become a member of.

Some of the answers you're looking for will come from a structured education, and some answers will only come with experience and time. If you want to have a good career in photography, you need to find ways to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other photographers in your area. In addition to freelance work, look for certification courses that help you learn valuable skills that local photographers may not know, such as how to operate a drone or work with complicated lighting settings. Once your company or your freelance work is more profitable, it's time to plan your business.

Making a plan is really important from day one if your goal is to turn photography into a profession. However, many talented photographers only devote themselves to photography as a side job before being able to work exclusively in this field. To start gaining experience, you can look for jobs or internships at companies that hire photographers (use job portals, LinkedIn or other channels to find them). So you took the time to learn photography and you love the idea of making digital photography a business, but do you have time to fully commit to running a photography business? Many photographers don't realize when they start out that you have to wear a lot of hats as a photographer.

While it takes some time to build your photography portfolio and reputation and start earning a good income, in the long run, photography can be a rewarding career. This may seem like a delay in your professional career as a photographer, but it's actually a very useful skill that you must master before starting a full-time career in photography.

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