What are the Jobs in a Restaurant Kitchen? An Expert's Guide

If you're looking to break into the restaurant industry, it's important to understand the different roles and responsibilities of the kitchen staff. The Kitchen Brigade system is a structure that is used to optimize the efficiency of the kitchen. Depending on the size and style of the restaurant, the names used in the kitchen brigade may vary slightly. At the top of the hierarchy is the Chef de Cuisine, who oversees meals for large numbers of people.

This chef specializes in a particular cuisine, such as Japanese or French. The head chef of a private residence is often the most respected position in the brigade station system, and they report directly to the head chef or sub-chef. The Saucier is responsible for sautéing food, but their most important role lies in creating sauces and accompaniments for other dishes. Each station on the line usually has a different name, but job titles often reflect the cook's experience and skills.

The Garde Manger is responsible for ensuring that there are clean plates, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans available for both kitchen and service teams. This is an important job that is vital for providing a good experience for all guests. The Kitchen Manager oversees the restaurant's menu, preparation, cooking, ordering and operations. A Line Chef at a fast and casual restaurant may not offer full table service, but they still specialize in higher quality food than fast-food establishments with fewer frozen or processed ingredients.

Restaurant groups with multiple properties usually have a Group Chef whose job is to oversee the kitchen and operation of all restaurants in the group. A Commis Chef is a member of the kitchen team who fills in as needed at all seasons, rather than having a specific job. The Pastry Chef has one of the sweetest jobs in the kitchen and takes care of desserts and dishes on the pastry menu. It's important to note that many people call themselves cooks when in fact they are cooks in a restaurant or someone who has had culinary training. In larger establishments, positions such as first chef, second chef and third chef are common, but their skills and qualifications may vary from restaurant to restaurant.

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