What Kind of Jobs are in a Restaurant?

When it comes to running a successful restaurant, hiring the right people is essential. It's important to be familiar with all the different jobs within a restaurant in order to find the right people for the job. From executive chefs to dishwashers, there are many different roles that need to be filled in order for a restaurant to run smoothly. Assistant managers are responsible for assisting the general manager in the execution of his tasks.

This includes managing paperwork, managing training programs, participating in brainstorming activities, assisting in decision-making processes, and more. When the general manager takes a day off, it is the assistant who takes the position. The executive chef is responsible for preparing the meals on your menu and helping to improve your overall service and adapt the concept of food according to the needs of your restaurant. They handle all cooking processes, from preparation to the way it is served.

The sous chef is essentially an assistant to the executive chef and takes over when they are absent. The kitchen manager is responsible for forming a cohesive unit that works as a team and has one main objective: to achieve high customer satisfaction. They are also responsible for recruiting and dismissing staff, process management and optimization, inventory management, and more. The pastry chef ensures that the products produced in the pastry shop meet the quality standards set by the executive chef.

In smaller establishments, they may also be responsible for pasta products. The waiter or waitress is responsible for describing the menu and specialties of the day, taking orders, serving food, ensuring customers have everything they need to enjoy their meals, processing guest orders, observing diners to ensure they are satisfied with their food and service, calling invoices and accepting payments or referring guests to the cashier, helping with table setting and cleaning unoccupied tables. The host or hostess is usually the first person customers see when they enter the establishment. They are tasked with taking customers to their seats and fulfilling takeout orders as well as general restaurant maintenance such as making sure bathrooms are clean or picking up trash in the waiting room. Waiters or waitresses are responsible for waiting at specific tables and providing them with food and drink as requested.

Depending on the state you are in, there may be a minimum age for requesting alcoholic beverages. Servers must be able to work with people who have all types of personalities and provide exceptional service no matter what day or table they serve. Waiters must have a food handler certificate to understand best safety practices for serving food in the United States. Bartenders are responsible for preparing beverages for the entire restaurant as well as serving people who sit at the bar. They are paid similarly to waiters where most of their salary comes from tips.

It is important to complete training to get certified as an alcoholic beverage vendor before applying for any job. Chefs are critical for a restaurant's success as they prepare delicious food. Depending on the restaurant, there may be several different types of cooks such as line cooks, head cooks and sous chefs. The levels of experience and salary scales required vary depending on the type of chef in question. Dishwashers are vital for a restaurant and is an excellent entry-level job if you want to gain experience in the restaurant industry. Washing dishes consists of pre-rinsing and operating machines but it's important to learn about industrial dishwashers since they're different.

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