The Most Important Positions in a Restaurant

Have you ever wondered what the most important positions in your restaurant are? I want to share with you my opinion on what I consider to be the top five places in a restaurant. There isn't anyone who isn't important on your team, but for discussion, I'm going to share with you what I think are the five most important positions in your restaurant and why. At the top of my list is the CEO. This is the most important position within your company when it comes to the operational part. Think of them as the directors of your restaurant.

They are the first people to waste hours in the back of the house because they have a support role. Second on my list is the Chef. Chefs produce products to make you money. Without systems, how do you tell them how you want things done if you don't train them in what you want done, what the job is, how to do it, how well it should be done and, most importantly, by when? How can you expect them to do the job? You must also be willing to hold them accountable to work, because without responsibility, things still don't happen. Third on my list is the Waiter.

Waiters at a full-service restaurant can scrape plates and soak cutlery. Make sure they are already putting empty glassware on the shelves. Cooks can run them or, if it's slow, stack everything up properly. When the afternoon dishwasher arrives, they start to run and rock.

You and your manager can do the dishes if you're trying to save money on labor on a slow day. But on a busy day, you can't exist without this support person. Fourth on my list is the Dishwasher. With a constant flow of orders, there's not enough time to cut all the vegetables as ordered. The dishwasher really consumes your money.

So, on non-active days, reduce their hours and make sure your cooks do the dishes. Fifth on my list is the Preparatory Cook. Among preparatory cooks, the essential professionals who help in the food preparation process. Whether it's washing and chopping vegetables, cutting meat, or measuring ingredients, prep cooks make the entire cooking process smoother. Most kitchens require little or no experience to apply for this restaurant position, so you have the opportunity to learn on the job. Other important positions in a restaurant include Restaurant Managers, Waiters, Hosts, Accountants, Food Runners, Grill Cooks, and General Managers.

Each of these positions has its own unique set of responsibilities and qualifications that must be met in order for a restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently. Finally, I would like to mention that one of the most important people in a restaurant is often overlooked: The Dishwasher. People don't realize that there's a person back there whose only job is to clean those glasses and make sure they're there for you, crystal clear. Knowing how much that interaction means to him, Abd'al-Aquil has set out in every job to ensure that everyone he works with has a life outside the restaurant. In conclusion, while every position in a restaurant is important in its own way, I believe that these five positions are essential for any successful restaurant: CEO, Chef, Waiter, Dishwasher and Preparatory Cook. Without these five positions working together as a team, it would be impossible for any restaurant to succeed.

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