What is the most popular beauty service?

More than any other service, women want to try the facial treatments below. This service ranks first in all three age groups. Interestingly, men are also overwhelmingly more interested in trying facial treatments next. Only 23% of regular consumers of beauty products (those who receive services at least three times a year) had a facial treatment last year.

However, 39% of women say they are interested in trying facial treatments. Since dermapen penetrates deeper into skin tissue, it is recommended that it only be used by a professional in a beauty salon or clinic, but the dermaroller can also be used at home. In a research study conducted by McKinsey with 5000 US consumers, the study found that healing services (subscriptions whose goal is to seek and surprise by offering new items or highly personalized experiences) received 55% of total subscriptions and were by far the most popular, the most popular. which suggests a strong desire for personalized services.

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