Is Working in a Restaurant Stressful?

Working in the restaurant industry can be a difficult and demanding job. Employees often have to work long hours and may be prone to substance abuse. The “work hard” mentality is pervasive in the restaurant culture, and mental self-care is not always seen as something that employees should prioritize. During busy meal periods, staff may feel a lot of pressure to prepare meals quickly without sacrificing quality, and their breaks may be postponed due to the onslaught of customers. A recent study found that being a waiter in a restaurant can be more stressful than working as a doctor or architect.

The Colorado Restaurant Association conducted a survey and found that more than 80% of its members reported an increase in staff stress levels over the past year. Customers at many restaurants are generally pleasant, but there is still a lot of pressure on employees to perform well. The Colorado Restaurant Association spokesperson said that she is unaware of any other restaurants or groups that hire a full-time employee dedicated to health and wellness. If you are currently in a job that you don't enjoy and have tried to make it more enjoyable without success, it may be time to look for another job. The death by suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who was openly struggling with addiction and mental health problems, resonated with many restaurant workers. Bonanno says these jobs offer competitive salaries and good health insurance, but the mental health benefits are not very good.

For waiters who are dealing with harassment, the stress of weighing the cost of tolerating it versus the need to earn a living can be overwhelming. The report suggests that changes in the way certain jobs are structured could reduce these risks, such as giving staff better control over their work, more decision-making power, or some flexibility in the way they structure shifts. He had previously worked individually with clients and in community mental health, but took the opportunity to help create an entirely new profession within the restaurant world. This profession focuses on providing mental health services and resources to restaurant staff so they can better cope with stress and other issues they may face while working in the industry.

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