What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Portrait Photography Jobs

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Portrait Photography in Raleigh NC

Creating beautiful, candid portraits is not like taking pictures of people for fun. It is professional photography that requires you to be trained in your craft. There are many different types of commercial portrait photographers, each with their own specialties and styles.

Some focus more on telling stories through posing, some use very natural lighting, while others have creative camera techniques they employ. Some even combine several approaches into one session!

The number of backgrounds, props, and locations depend on the type of photograph being taken. A product photographer may only need a white background with and eye level view of their item, while someone planning an engagement or family photo shoot will probably want to add some depth and variety to their images.

This article will discuss the three most common types of commercial portrait photography — lifestyle, event, and individualized.

Commercial photography

What are the different types of commercial portrait photography

Commercial photographers are typically not considered artists, but professional shutterbugs who know how to capture beautiful pictures for business. They will usually market their services as commercial photographers or marketing photographers to show that they can take good pictures for money!

Commercial headshot photographers tend to add some style into their work and use special features or equipment that other types of photographers may not have. These additions cost money, so it is important to be aware of what tools and products they use before hiring them.

Typical things that most commercial photographers include in their portfolio are self-portraits, product photos, and/or close up studies of items such as jewelry or cars.

Ecommerce photography

What are the different types of commercial portrait photography

When it comes to commercial portrait photographers, there are two main types depending on the client you have. One type does more product photo-shoots or what we call ecommerce (selling products via their images). The other one is more storytelling oriented, which is typically referred to as lifestyle portraiture.

With stories being an integral part of human culture going back centuries, telling personal narratives has been around for a while. As technology advances, so do our modes of expression.

Photography is a powerful tool that allows us to tell rich, engaging stories through stills. Having someone look into the camera with a thoughtful expression is very intimate. This is why they are called “lifestyle” portraits.

Clothing brands will pay professional fees to get pictures of people in clothing models’ clothes or advertising uniforms. It creates a more authentic looking image than just having the person pull up their shirt or put on sunglasses.

Family photography

What are the different types of commercial portrait photography

The term family portrait typically does not include other people in the photo, but rather just your loved ones. This is usually because the parents or grandparents of the children invite everyone to their house for the photoshoot!

If you are ever asked to do a family session, this can be tricky. Obviously, you want to spend as little time as possible taking photos of only your child’s face, so having some basic strategies up your sleeve will help you get great pictures quickly.

Some types of family portraits include close-up shots, group photographs, and formal headshots. While most families don’t need very many of each type, being familiar with all three styles can help you shoot some wonderful images.

Group photographs are one of the more common types of family portraits. Here, several members of the family stand together and off-camera voice commands tell individual kids when they should walk closer to their friends or stay back. In these settings, it’s easy to have some fun and play around, which helps keep the mood light.

Formal headshot portraits take a bit longer than casual group photos, but they are much more intimate. Kids often feel comfortable talking more easily when there aren’t any other distractions like toys or pets that could interfere. When scheduling a formal portrait, ask if anything major is happening during the given timeslot, and whether anyone needs to leave early.

Baby photography

What are the different types of commercial portrait photography

Another popular type of commercial portrait is baby photography. As mentioned before, shooting with natural light is your best bet for beautiful pictures. When doing so, you must be aware of your settings!

There are two main reasons why professional newborn photographers use studio lights. First, it helps bring out more detail in the skin and live babies don’t always stay that still! Second, having direct sunlight does not work well when photographing babies as it can cause burns or even pose health risks. Using a dedicated lighting setup with a white background and adding softboxes or other diffusers to reduce overexposure is your best bet.

Another important thing to remember while working with children is safety! Never shoot close to windows or doors unless they have been checked and approved by your location’s security team. Also, make sure any decorations such as toys and clothing are safe for kids! No matter what kind of picture you are taking, make sure nothing will hurt them or could get lost.

What about after the session? Most companies offer free shipping which includes packaging materials and boxes to preserve all of their belongings. Some even send you easy-to-use software to organize and edit your photos! All of these things help keep your new family members protected until they arrive at their destination.

Commercial models

What are the different types of commercial portrait photography

Another popular type of portrait photography is called commercial model or lifestyle headshot photography in Raleigh NC. With this kind of session, the photographer will ask you to put yourself in a candid setting and/or have an interactive conversation with other people. These types of photographs are great because they can be used for many purposes; advertising, marketing, website content, etc.

Typically, the settings for a business model photo are somewhere close by where people typically spend time (work, home, etc.). Settings like parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls are all good options. If possible, the person being photographed should not wear too much makeup and should try to keep some natural smiles happening. This way, it comes from within and that’s more authentic.

Business model photos are quite fun to do since you get to interact with different people and you earn extra money doing so! Businesses hire professional photographers to take pictures of their employees for promotional use. It helps promote employment and brands love having professional quality images produced.

Event photography

What are the different types of commercial portrait photography

Another popular type of commercial portrait is event or still life shooting. With this style, you can be creative and use your skills to capture some interesting pictures.

You will probably have the photographer hire out professional equipment such as lighting, tripods, and so on. However, there are ways you can take good event photos without using too much expensive gear.

For example, instead of having the light come from overhead sources, like lamps or flashlights, you can create natural light by holding a bright source close to the person being photographed. A table with very smooth wood surfaces is perfect for this!

Another way to include more depth in the image is to use neutral background materials such as soft cloths or white paper. These things help make the picture look fuller.

Commercial clients

What are the different types of commercial portrait photography

Working with business professionals can be tricky, especially when they want to show their best side! They may feel self-conscious or even uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Business owners usually look very professional so it is easy to compare yourself to them and think that you cannot pull off some nice pictures of them because you do not have as much natural talent as they do.

However, being able to take good commercial portraits means knowing how to use your own skills and those of other photographers to produce quality images. It also means learning what types of businesses need photos and which ones are willing to pay for them.

This article will talk about some things that make up different types of commercial portrait photography. If you have more questions about commercial headshot and business portrait photography in Raleigh NC, reach out to Christer Berg owner of Portraits with Purpose

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